Ronnie Nelis

Founder and owner of both Lion Castle & Team6 Game Studios. Has been creating video games since 1986, and was responsible for the licensing, marketing and development of over 100 titles and partnerships, with companies including Discovery Communications, Spil Games, Proctor & Gamble. Still plays Fortnite with his kids every evening.

Siebe van der Deen
Operational Director

20+ years of experience as managing director. Served as director or chairman for global leading companies as ING Group, Brandfield, Virol and Ziengs. Has a strong strategic vision for E-commerce, Retail and Finance, B2B and even B2C.

Samantha Radak
Executive Producer

Ten years of experience within the games industry covering a wide field from customer support and QA to people and process management as part of AAA studios as much as indie companies. She is a passionate advocate for equality and diversity and aims to make working on games as much fun as playing them.

Valentijn van der Lende
PR & Marketing Director

5+ years of professional videogame experience in media, marketing and publishing. Responsible for the marketing of various gaming projects, reaching millions of gamers worldwide. Has directly worked with leading brands, partners and talents, including Discovery Communications, Falken and Speed Society.

Monika Ivanova
Marketing Manager

2+ years of professional marketing experience and the youngest addition to the team. Her expertise lies in digital marketing, cross-marketing and partnership relations, and she is responsible for the marketing and communication of various games and works directly high-profile brands, among them HTC, Hot Import Nights and Drift Kings.

Dimitri van Thiel
Operations Manager

10+ years of experience in managing, marketing and multimedia design in various fields. From developing new products for Olympic athletes, together with high-profile partners such as KPN, Fila and Lotto Jumbo, to leading his own design and marketing companies. Has a strong passion for sports and health, and loves nothing more than combining these with games.

Louis Kortekaas
Art Director

25+ years of experience as art director and lead artist. Excels in visualizing just about everything, and crafts the most attractive visuals imaginable with incredible eye for detail. Has created key art for a multitude of videogame titles, and was featured in the most prominent 3D / art magazines.

We create games that make the world smile.

Our partner development studios are responsible for some of world’s most popular games, such as Uphill Rush. We are working with dedicated development teams who are working on mobile titles, serious games as well as console games. However, we’re always looking for new talented, creative and motivated development teams and studios!

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With reaching hundreds of millions comes a certain responsibility.

All of our games are not only kids-friendly, but also make our audience aware of things that matter. In ‘Slide Stars’, gamers are motivated to exercise more, eat healthier, and take better care of the environment. By combining world-leading role models with gaming technology, we educate the world in a playful way to make a difference worldwide.