Lion Castle B.V. was founded in 2016 as the independent publishing arm of video game developer Team6 Game Studios B.V. for the purpose of providing a platform for releasing games based on original IP as well as licensed content, either developed by Team6 Game Studios B.V. and its subsidiaries (Bee Royale (mobile), Rebel Games (console)) or other developers.

Having been a contract developer themselves for many years Team6 Game Studios B.V. have experienced the trials and tribulations of being in a dependent and even a captive role at times. These experiences have highlighted the importance of being the master of your own destiny which translates into having the freedom to create the games we want to play ourselves.

Access to funding for development and distribution for the finished product is limited for independent developers in general. With Lion Castle we aim to lower this threshold for those who currently find themselves without a publisher or those who are looking for alternatives in which they can retain creative freedom, receive financial backing from people who live and breathe games and obtain access to worldwide distribution. A team of world class marketers are at your beck and call to accompany you on a zealous mission to promote games that just ooze quality!


World Class Marketing Campaigns.

We get games to the attention of an audience of hundreds of millions of people through a combination of earned and paid publicity like news items, articles, ads and reviews in the major online and print publications as well as engagement from top influencers.

Expert Social Media Management.

Through our proprietary social media channels and the selected social media influencers we have partnered with we carefully build momentum and manage and channel user feedback to the developers. Together we build, improve and polish games step by step after initial release in order to increase their commercial appeal with every subsequent DLC. With more than 30 years of combined games marketing experience for PC, Console and Mobile titles the Lion Castle team is ranked among the best in the industry

Community Engagement.

As games build a following over time a community develops which can play an important part in refining the gameplay experience, making decisions to add/delete/change features and ultimately to drive sales. Engagement is the key word here as it means keeping your fans on the edge of their seats when it comes to the exciting activities surrounding a particular game. Whether it is a free to play mobile game or a console title, the gamers need to have a reason to stay connected and come back for another session. Our community managers keep users engaged through a chain linked series of activities which are designed to interest, excite and activate.